G.O.L.D. program returns alumni

The Geneseo Opportunities for Leadership Development program is holding a "Pearls of Wisdom from Successful Leaders" series in which successful Geneseo alumni return to campus to talk to current students.

The first workshop, held this Monday, featured Louis Sapirman, class of 1991, who is the current associate general counsel of the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. D&B provides credit information on business and corporations.

Sapirman spoke about the connection between the Aristotelian philosophy of always being true to yourself and the ability to create a positive personal image and reputation. Giving examples from his experiences at D&B and his personal life, Sapirman told students "not [to] hesitate to engage in a quest to create for yourself an excellent brand and own how you and others perceive you."

The audience generally had positive responses to Monday's workshop. Senior Ian Szalinski said Sapirman's program was "very interesting" and that he looks forward to attending future workshops.

Thomas Matthews, the director of Leadership Education, Development and Training, advocated the program by saying, "Listening to stories from successful people is a powerful way to learn."

The next workshop in the series, which takes place on Nov. 2, will feature Ira Skinske, an assistant special agent in charge of the Federal Air Marshal Service of N.Y. On Dec. 2, former Geneseo hockey player Robert Hunter will give a lecture titled, "How Much Is Enough?" The final workshop on Dec. 8 will feature Patty Fennell's lecture, "The Kiss Rule for Life." Fennell is a Geneseo resident who works with local schools; she is also involved with the Geneseo Alumni Association.

Each workshop in the series offers students an opportunity to interact with professional leaders and learn from their experiences and the leadership situations they have encountered along the way. Students interested in attending future programs can register at gold.geneseo.edu.