Invasion of Privacy: Admissions advisor puts heart into work, considers Geneseo home

Amanda Neill, senior admissions advisor, is the face of Geneseo.

She can be seen sitting at her desk on an exercise ball in the Admissions Office or walking around campus talking to students. Her job as an admissions counselor allows her to wear many hats, but doesn't stop her from loving life and having fun.

Neill spent many years living in Henrietta; although her family moved to Kings Ferry, N.Y., she said she has always considered herself a Rochesterian at heart. Her love for the area carried through when she looked at the Geneseo campus when applying to colleges. After participating in the overnight program, Neill fell in love with the school and applied early decision.

Whether it is Geneseo, shoes, or a type of food, Neill considers herself easily obsessed, and admits to having an obsessive personality. "When I like something, I like it whole-heartedly," she said.

Neill's time at Geneseo was spent as a dual-major in communications and French, with a minor in public relations. She was involved in the Public Relations Student Society of America, and was one of the first participants in G.O.L.D. when it was only offered to a select group of freshmen.

As far as other extracurricular activities, Neill played on the tennis team for her first few years at Geneseo. She was also part of the French club, spending senior year as the president. Although every grandchild in Neill's family studied French to appease their grandmother, Neill took it a step further, spending her junior year studying abroad in the south of France. Neill said that she had a typical Geneseo experience, including participating in intramural broomball.

After graduating from Geneseo in 2002, Neill moved to Minneapolis, taking a job in admissions at a proprietary school. Soon after moving, she received a call that a position in admissions was open at Geneseo.

Neill said she believes that if she hadn't moved to Minneapolis, the job would never have opened up. She said she would never have guessed that at age 23, her career would be laid out for her. A job in admissions was not something that had previously crossed Neill's mind, but she said that she now considers herself a lifer.

As an admissions counselor, Neill works with both the incoming classes of freshmen and the current students enrolled at Geneseo. Her job starts with recruiting the incoming class, reviewing students' applications and giving interviews to potential students.

Neill is also associated with the ambassador program, G-Net, which is a group of current Geneseo student ambassadors who volunteer to help recruit possible future students. The program includes class visits, tour guides, overnight hosts and lobby hosts (the students who talk to families before a tour).

As an extravert, Neill said she enjoys her position because she is part of every step of the process for prospective and current students.

Certain times of the year are busier for Neill than others. For example, spring is bustling with correspondence between the Admissions Office and prospective students, families, high school guidance counselors and teachers. Every season requires different tasks for Neill and her crew to perform so her job never gets boring.

Neill said she is very content with how life has unfolded for her through the help of Geneseo. "Currently, all aspects of my life are complete," Neill said. Her job allows her to relive college through the students on campus and Neill noted how excited she is to see others in love with Geneseo the way she was and still is. "This is my home," she said.