Annual Art Stroll again a success

Geneseo's Main Street was rich with color and culture on Friday, Sept. 18 during the Annual Geneseo Art Stroll, during which locals showed off their talent.

Starting at 4 p.m., artists and musicians set up shop along the street for any and all customers to appreciate and purchase their work or listen to their music.

The Art Stroll headquarters were located in front of Youngs and Linfoot Real Estate Agency, where they gave out maps of Main Street that included the locations of specific artists and musicians.

Beginning at the Lockhart Gallery, bluesy musical duo Ernie & Andy started off the stroll on an exciting note. The bulk of the artwork began near the Big Tree Inn with artists Kim Sanford and the Mt. Pleasant Quilting Company.

The Mt. Pleasant Quilting Company store is located in York and provides an array of different fabrics and accessories. They offer classes for all areas of interest in quilting and sewing. Pieces sold during the stroll included bags, blankets and even jackets.

Guitarist Miché Fambro entertained interested onlookers in front of Buzzo's Music. His soulfulness was a perfect match for the impressive drawings that surrounded him.

Some of the most impressive artwork belonged to high school students and faculty of Geneseo Central School. They showed a broad range of talents and a variety of media in front of the store Touch of Grayce.

At the entrance to Center Street, Tommy T. & The Glidens put on quite the show, complete with acoustic jams and recognizable songs for everyone to enjoy. To complement the performance, Joe Can Juggle entertained younger children with his expert juggling skills.

English professor Julia Walker had an extensive display of her own jewelry line in front of Special Tees. Her pieces included colorful pins and necklaces depicting Elm trees, Virginia Wolfe and Mary Magdalene.

All of the artists and musicians who participated were inviting and more than happy to speak with customers about their work.

It was exciting to see so many people come out and support the local arts, especially the younger children. It's important that parents cultivate an appreciation for the arts early in a child's development so that it may continue into adulthood.The event reinforced the concept that art comes in many different forms; from jewelry to quilt making, there was definitely something for everyone to enjoy.

The event, artists and performers were funded in part by the NYS Council on the Arts Decentralization Regrant Program and were administered by the Genesee Valley Council of the Arts.

The town of Geneseo is lucky to host cultural events such as these when oftentimes the arts get second billing to work and the routines of everyday life. It's important to recognize and support these local artists because without them, our world would be a much less beautiful place.