Fall is the season for season premieres

It's that time of the year again, but we all know that back to school really means back to obsessing over your favorite television shows, rather than books or homework.

Prepare for that weekly ritual of planting yourself directly in front of the television and yelling at everyone to talk only during commercials or leave (yes, we all do it).

The waiting is over to see the resolution of those mysterious endings from last years' finales: Are Jim and Pam finally going to get married? Who is Sylar going to hunt down next? Are Izzie and George both dead? Is Stewie ever going to really kill Lois? Well, don't fret, because all of those nail-biting finales that left you hanging throughout the summer will finally be settled!

Whatever it is you're interested in - comedy, action, drama - it's all back. So kick off your shoes, drop those books and take some time to catch up on your favorite onscreen love stories and suspense thrillers.

The laziness can begin tonight with "The Office," going into its sixth season where we can only hope Jim and Pam will finally tie the knot.

If you want to wait a few more days for something a little more action-packed, see how Hiro will save the day this time around in "Heroes," which starts back up on Sept. 21.

Maybe you prefer one of the myriad medical series that somehow seems to put their own spin on the hospital backdrop. You're likely to be watching the ever-popular "Grey's Anatomy," starting up Sept. 24, or another medical favorite, "House," beginning three days earlier.

For those interested in the animated comedies, "Family Guy" premieres Sept. 27, the same night "The Simpsons" kicks off its 21st season.

Musical theater-lovers will enjoy the new series "Glee;" a show that just began this month and is already building a following of "gleeks."

Then of course, for those of you who can't quite seem to let go of your teenage years, "Gossip Girl" and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" already began earlier this month. Start catching up - you don't want to be behind on all the rumors!

It's a busy month ahead for TV fanatics. Unfortunately for "Lost" fans, we're stuck pondering the fate of everyone on the island for months to come - the show won't return to TV until early next year for its final season.