Senior class gift program lets students pay it forward

The senior class of 2010 has gallivanted about campus for almost four years, but without the generosity of past alumni and a copious selection of organizations to get involved in, they would not have had the terrific experience that has impacted their four years here.

Now, the Senior Class Gift Program of 2010 is asking seniors how they will give back to Geneseo. This past week was the kickoff event for Make Your Mark, which was held Monday, Aug. 31, outside of the ISC.

"We just wanted to get out there and get people's attention," said senior Megan Stetzel, the program coordinator. Five tables were set up, along with a supply of chalk and a large wall for seniors to literally make their mark.

According to Stetzel, the event was extremely successful. "We did almost half in donations compared to what they did last year in one day," she said. "We made about $780 which is really good."

As of press time, the events for the first week have totaled around $1,400 with 120 participants, beating the total participation of last year's senior gift.

Stetzel encouraged seniors to make a donation. "Whatever made an impact on them in Geneseo, it's a way for them to give back and if you make a donation back to the school, you can designate it where you want it to go; any club, any organization, anything in Geneseo that's made an impact on you."

In the past, the program had been called "Senior Challenge." This year, however, Stetzel emphasized that the program is trying to separate itself from the senior class officers - although they co-exist at many events - as senior class president Colleen McNamara has given the program permission to attend most events the class is putting on.

After donating the minimum of $10, participants will receive a T-shirt and an invitation to upcoming class events. T-shirts come in black and white with either pink or green "Make Your Mark" emblems. There are four tiers for donation levels, $100 or more being the highest. With each tier comes more privileges and invitations to networking and class events.

"Once you do $100 or more, there's this huge President's Donor Dinner with very influential alumni and a delicious dinner. It's completely worth it - you could spend $100 just to go and it's really helpful for those students who want to network," Stetzel said.

Donations can be made online at, at any of the Make Your Mark events, or in Erwin 23.