New 'early bird' summer program starts this July

This summer, Geneseo will host an expanded selection of course offerings along with a new "early bird" program that allows admitted students to take selected courses prior to matriculation.

According to Dean Polly Radosh, the early bird program has been designed for students who have been offered admission for the fall semester or deferred admission for spring 2010.

Students will be able to take one or two four-week courses that can fulfill freshman INTD or general education requirements and stay in residence halls while completing the coursework.

According to Radosh, postcards have just been sent out and the Office of Admissions is promoting the program through student preview days and correspondences with admitted students.

Students will be able to sign up for summer credits up until the first day of classes. "We're really hoping that it takes off," said Radosh, adding that her office intends to treat this summer as a pilot program that can be assessed and improved in coming years.

More courses will be offered this summer than in the past, including about eight online courses. Typically, summer sessions provide students with the opportunity to take general education or lower-level major courses either to receive credit for a failed class or to free up scheduling options during the year.

Also, this summer will be the first in which students on academic probation or dismissal will be able to take summer courses. Radosh hopes to increase summer enrollment annually and expand the summer session programs over time.

Senior Amanda Lucas said that the early bird program would be a good opportunity for students living in the Rochester area who may be nervous about the academic workload of college. "I wonder how many people would actually do it," she said.

The program has generally received positive feedback from students: "I would love it if I could've gotten my INTD [requirement] out of the way," said freshman Harrison Singer.

"It's a good opportunity to get adjusted to the school before everyone gets on campus," said sophomore Kelly Folaron.

More information on the early bird program and summer sessions is available at