Restaurant Review: Omega Grill, a Geneseo gem of affordable dining

While many students traveled home over Easter weekend to visit families and devour home-cooked meals, I stayed here to brave the unsettlingly cold April and eat at Omega Grill.

Though friends had warned me that the waitresses can be relatively hit-or-miss, competing guests were limited on this particular Saturday afternoon, and there was by no means a noticeable lack of attention to our table. As a bonus, the food is good and the prices are unbeatable, especially if you're not looking to drive far.

At the very worst it was a welcomed break from the monotony of CAS food day in and day out, as the menu offers both grill and breakfast food at any operating hour, ranging from stuffed peppers and vegetarian delights to Los Angeles-style cinnamon French toast and a bounty of delectable omelet choices.

It took me a minute to soak up the sheer quantity of options that were actually appealing, so contrary to my norm. Upon sight of the low prices, customers might expect a no-frills or no-options dining experience, but Omega offers quite the opposite. They boast a long and mouth-wateringly detailed menu with, contrary to the decision-making, prices that were none too daunting.

Sophomore Collin Pope said that he was quite satisfied with his meal, leaving the restaurant having paid under $3 for his a BLT. I was able to suit my longing for a family-style dinner dish and practically non-existent budget by getting the southern classic - chicken and biscuits - which came with vegetables so smothered in gravy I actually was tempted to eat them.

Sophomore Ashley Mervine, like myself, ordered the peanut butter pie for dessert, summoning a wonderful and oversized piece of heaven to our respective plates (and stomachs). After a mix of perfectly contented silence and the relaying of multiple satisfied groans, I congratulated Mervine on a job well done as far as food choices go. She agreed: "We got a lot of food for not a lot of money!"

Petty complaints like forgetting lemons for the water and warm salad forks became a small price to pay for the remarkably good food and hospitable atmosphere. With so many options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, Omega certainly caters to the tastes and wallets of college students for a perfect alternative to CAS food.