Where are They Now: Lamron alum lives passion in career

Seniors may find themselves doubting a bustling job market after graduation, but alumnus Ed McGrogan demonstrates that despite all of the upsets, it is possible to find a dream job.

Since graduating in 2005 with a dual degree in business administration and history, McGrogan has followed the yellow brick road to success and happiness. Initially broke and without much to do, McGrogan took a job at an insurance agency after graduation to cure his financial dry spell.

Before he graduated Geneseo, McGrogan filled a variety of positions with The Lamron, among them sports editor and copy editor. While working in insurance, he found that he missed writing and began to blog on the side about one of his true passions: men's tennis.

"Persistence, luck and maybe even some good analysis helped get me a weekly column at Tennis.com, the Web site of Tennis magazine," said McGrogan. "I was soon covering tournaments for the Web site, including the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, the Toronto Masters and the U.S. Open."

Last May, McGrogan moved to New York City to intern for Tennis.com and eventually landed a job as a full-time assistant editor for the Web site.

"I produce most of what is seen on Tennis.com, including wire stories, feature articles, breaking news, video and other content," said McGrogan. "I write, edit, and help showcase our outstanding team of writers to a worldwide audience. I'm also able to cover some tournaments on-site, including this year's U.S. Open."

McGrogan said his favorite professor at Geneseo was Joseph Cope of the history department and described him as a natural in his profession. "He taught me plenty about Irish history, which I have a great interest in, led a group of students overseas for a memorable trip to the British Isles, and allowed me to write a 35-page paper on the sport of cricket," said McGrogan.

Forever grateful for the highlights at Geneseo - including the social scene, The Lamron, moving off-campus and studying abroad - McGrogan said he wants students to be sure that the essence of Geneseo, something he described as a close-knit community where talented students come to learn, is never compromised.

McGrogan said he does not have many regrets about his time spent at Geneseo but does wish he followed the men's hockey team more closely. He also praised the creators of the men's tennis club, saying he wished he would have done the same.

"You have a very special school, like no other I have seen," he said. "Frankly, I can't imagine going to college anywhere but Geneseo."