The Lamron recommends 20 most excellent professors

This is a list of the 20 most excellent professors to take during your time at Geneseo, as selected by the Lamron Editors. Did we get the list right, did we miss your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Our #1 Pick: Atsushi Tajima gives students a new perspective on communication. He puts more passion and effort into making a Powerpoint effective than anyone around. He also genuinely cares about the research his students are doing. He often adds helpful supplemental information and meaningful, thoughtful comments on every assignment.

History professor Bill Cook is an expert on all things humanities. He is one of the most knowledgeable professors you will ever encounter and will teach you more than you thought possible in one semester. He expects excellence, but you won't regret the effort.

Even if you take a class with Ken Cooper every year, he won't get old. His casual, laid-back style belies the depth of his insights, which are almost always fascinating mind trips down strange and unbeaten paths. No idea is too bold or too dumb for him to consider, and a committed class can learn a lot together.

Rob Doggett has impressive knowledge about literature and assigns texts in his classes that are challenging but rewarding for students to complete. While his daily quizzes and detailed lectures require dedication from students, the benefits of taking his classes outweigh the difficulties by far. Doggett is a skilled professor with whom all English majors should take a course at least once during their time at Geneseo.

Few students expect to discover a favorite professor through a class like Intro. to Logic. But few students leave Stacey Edgar's PHIL 111 without smiling the next time they pass her on the street. She is one of the smartest people you will ever meet, and her ability to gracefully transfer vast reserves of knowledge from her mind to yours - in a way that you clearly understand - is unparalleled.

Dori Farthing is one of the nicest professors in Geneseo. She starts off every class with a joke, and while they may not always be funny, they are always entertaining. She engages her students throughout every minute of class by relating science to everyday life. The course is relatively easy and extra credit is available.

Chair of the philosophy department, Carlo Filice is not only an insightful and talented professor but also a charming individual with thought-out and genuine opinions. His classes are relaxed and emphasize discussion instead of fact absorption. Papers are taken seriously and graded with a critical eye, but you will remember the class fondly.

Walter Freed, English professor, knows American literature inside and out and brings that devotion and complete knowledge to his classroom. His intense care for characters and his treatment of fictitious personalities as living people speak to his ability to get inside the author's head and bring the stories in class to life.

Since fall 2007, professor Kristen Gentry has graced the halls of Geneseo with her diverse background and fashionable wardrobe. Not only is she an incredibly talented writer, but her enthusiasm for teaching mixed with her youth makes her one of the most sought-after English professors on campus. Gentry's creative writing class is a must, since she brings in popular culture and interactive workshops to inspire and motivate all of her students.

Education professor David Granger can make even the dullest material fascinating. While few classes seem worth going to on the first warm afternoon of the spring semester, attending Granger's is an easy decision.

English professor Tom Greenfield must be one of the best teachers at Geneseo. While his courses are demanding, Greenfield injects hilarious musical talent and witty commentary into material he is clearly passionate about. On top of that, the sincere care he has for his students is evidenced by the effort he makes to get to know each of them individually, more than just by name.

Meredith Harrigan is undoubtedly one of the best professors in the communication department, if not all of Geneseo. Her passion for instruction, her students and interpersonal communication is evident in all of her lectures and interactions. Even if you are having an awful day, you'll look forward to Harrigan's class. All students, whether studying communication or not, should experience her class at some point.

Steven Kirsh's knowledge and enthusiasm make his subject, psychology, consistently interesting. He mixes YouTube videos and class activities into lectures to easily maintain students' attention. Kirsh is also very funny and offers extra credit - an added bonus to any college course. His tests are difficult, but only because they are designed to make sure you actually understand the curriculum - just study your notes!

Cynthia Klima is a professor who makes even the most difficult of classes enjoyable with her enthusiasm for learning and amusing anecdotes about life. She specializes in Russian and German language classes, and also teaches Humanities II both at Geneseo and abroad in the Czech Republic during the summer. Klima is very knowledgeable about Eastern European culture and history, and effectively communicates her experience to students.

A class with Maria Lima, English professor, is a comprehensive experience. Lima brings a nontraditional, critical perspective to the classroom and expects her students to do the same. Beyond the "cute accent" and (sometimes funny) rants, Lima challenges her students and the conventions of classroom and curriculum.

Bill Lofquist and his sociology classes could be the best thing to happen to you at Geneseo. Each class is a miniature revelation into the inner workings and causal networks that structure society, yet he is both entertaining and approachable. Take his classes - we guarantee you'll get your money's worth and he will change your outlook on life.