Students host siblings for weekend of activities

This past weekend, Activities Commission hosted Siblings' Weekend: a program that gave Geneseo students' siblings the opportunity to experience the natural setting of college life.

Approximately 325 students and their siblings were able to take part in a mix of fun-filled events including a juggling show, carnival, ice cream and roller skate social and a performance by renowned dance group Kaba Modern Legacy.

On Friday evening, entertainer Jen Slaw dazzled the Sturges Auditorium crowd. With a style all her own, she performed melded dancing and juggling into a cogent and entertaining spectacle for all who attended.

Siblings and students were then invited to a Late Knight Carnival in the Union Ballroom, with thrills of inflatable castles and carnival-style games. Sophomore Elliot Regan said that his two younger brothers "had a blast running around in the obstacle course." He added that it "allowed us to bond through some fierce competition. You know - typical sibling rivalry."

In the Union lobby, Geneseo Environmental Organization and Amnesty International provided an opportunity to decorate and personalize canvas shopping bags to increase environmental responsibility. Sophomore Amnesty Treasurer Cathy Bijur noted the exciting and energetic atmosphere. "Many siblings were smiling," she said.

On Saturday night in Wadsworth Auditorium, Limelight and Accents Performing Arts Series presented contagiously enthusiastic dance group Kaba Modern Legacy. Founded by a group of Kababayans at the University of California, Kaba was featured on MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew." With their innovative dance moves and engaging style, Kaba thrilled and inspired its sold-out audience.

"It had me dancing in my seat," said junior Kelly Zwiebel.

"I just wanted to groove along with them," sophomore Kate Smith added, "It was incredibly entertaining. The music choice was so surprising and cool!"

"We get siblings whose ages range from about eight to 15 years old so we try to provide activities that will be suitable and fun for everyone," said sophomore Lee Anne Murphy, co-coordinator of the event. "Overall, I think this weekend was a fantastic success. Everyone seemed happy to be here spending time with loved ones."