On-campus housing costs on the rise

The Office of Residence Life reported that the housing costs for Geneseo students will increase an average of 4.25 percent next semester due in large part to rising upkeep costs.

At last week's Student Association meeting, director of Inter-Residence Affairs senior Katelyn Conway relayed the content of her meeting with Robert Bonfiglio, vice president for Student and Campus Life, and its relation to students' housing costs.

According to the SA minutes, double rooms will increase by $140, bringing the total to $3,000. The price of a designated single room will be $3,180, an increase of $170. Superior singles and townhouses are increasing by $170, bringing the total to $3,380. Triples will cost a total of $2,620, an increase of $110.

"Housing costs are set locally, meaning at Geneseo and not in Albany, by the college's Office of the Budget in consultation with the vice president for Student and Campus Life," said Dean of Residential Living Celia Easton.

As a result, the average increase of 4.25 percent next year is below the SUNY average of 5 percent. "Dr. Bonfiglio worked hard to keep our increase lower than the SUNY average," said Easton.

"I understand that the budget is being cut, so there's going to be increases," said freshman Matthew Farrell. "However, it is definitely unfortunate."

"While I understand that costs need to increase due to restrictions, I feel that the school should find another way," said freshman Michael Vaughn. "It shouldn't be the students who pay for it."

According to Easton, the rise in "dormitory income" is a result of increased utilities and upgrade costs as well as replacements and repairs, such as painting. These are aimed to improve or maintain common areas, kitchens, furniture, roofs, sprinklers and fire alarms. There is also a debt service for new and rehabilitated buildings and some large capital projects.