MTC delivers comedy, harmony at Alice Austin

Geneseo's Musical Theater Club put on its spring show, "MTC Explains It All," this past weekend in the Alice Austin Theater in Brodie Hall.

Between energetic numbers, members of the club, in the theme of explanation, took turns describing phenomena ranging from the physics of gravity to how to open a bag of potato chips.

The show opened with the four MTC officers, seniors Chas Hannum, Amanda Konopa, Debra DeAmicis and junior Chris Blasting, singing a welcome to the audience to the tune of the theme song of the popular '90s television show, "Clarissa Explains It All."

The first musical number of the night was based on the song, "I Hope I Get It" from A Chorus Line. The number, featuring the entire MTC cast, depicted the members of MTC auditioning in front of the officers. While the original Broadway play featured hopeful dancers for a show, this particular scene featured students hoping to get into MTC. The number's energy and talent gave the audience a taste of what was to come the rest of the night.

The following scene was of the hilarious song "Everything Comes Down to Poo" from "Scrubs: The Musical." The song featured junior Chantel Helbig as a girly-girl who "doesn't poop" and many other cast members as doctors trying to get a stool sample from her to determine the nature of her "illness."

As usual, the "new kids" of the group had a number to highlight their fresh talent. This semester, they proclaimed their sugary sweet love for MTC to the tune of "Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now" from Hairspray!

The night continued with random funny antics from the cast in numbers such as "The Internet is for Porn" from Avenue Q, and "Hold Me, Bat Boy" from Bat Boy: The Musical. In "Bat Boy," freshman Devon Borowski graced the stage with his delightfully awkward presence as he donned a Batman shirt complete with tights and a cape.

After intermission, some of the main attractions included "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid, "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago and "Schadenfreude" from Avenue Q.

Before the last number, the seniors of MTC sang "Bring On Tomorrow" from Fame in a touching rendition directed by Hannum.

The show concluded with a high-energy number from High School Musical 3: Senior Year entitled "I Want It All."

"It's obvious that they love what they do because they put so much of their time and effort into making the show great," said sophomore Kat Guyette. "It makes it more fun to watch, since you know they're having fun on stage."

Yet again, MTC proved to be a huge success, filling the Alice Austin Theater to its capacity for each of the three shows. The entire student body is eagerly awaiting the fall semester for the next biannual dose of hilarity that MTC will provide to the campus.