Letter to the editor: Pride in WIHC

A wise person once said, "You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take." About four years ago a group of women decided that that Wayne Gretzky was entirely correct, and we set out to create a Geneseo women's ice hockey club team.

This was a mission that started out with very little support from the college. But we kept working at it and together, as a group of girls who all believed in the same thing, the Women's Ice Hockey Club was created.

The team began with a list of 17 girls, including about five who actually knew how to play hockey. We were going to have our shot at it, even if we ended up missing.Since that day four years ago, the WIHC has evolved into a successful team and club, and asset to the college.

With the help of all of our dedicated members, as well as several college staff who believed in our goal, we made it happen. The women who take part in this club are more than just dedicated athletes; they are passionate about what they do. And it shows.After we graduated in May 2008, we knew the team would soar. We left it in the hands of our dedicated teammates, friends, and sisters: seniors President Moe Mancuso and Vice President Nicole Shattuck.

Under the loyal and unending confidence of their coaches, junior Jason Pitarresi and alumni Drew Field, this team has evolved light-years in a matter of two semesters. We practically do not recognize them when we visit for games. These girls have worked tremendously hard, both on and off the ice, to prove to those around them that this team can survive.

These girls love the game.The team this year has played a total of 16 games. They have played in a league tournament - to which they were invited! Ready for the biggest news? They have an even .500 record at 8-8! Not too shabby for having one-third of the team learning how to skate merely two years ago. Did we mention that the organization's first win did not even come until this season?

We are writing this letter because we want to make sure the student body knows our story, and we want to make sure that the college recognizes and supports the tremendous asset they have in this team.As founders of this team, and now Geneseo alumni, we want to declare our utmost respect for the girls who are now a part of what we will always consider to be our team. They have persevered through so much, and we are so proud to see what they have done.

The students and faculty at Geneseo may not even know this, but girls are now attending our school over others simply because of the fact that we offer a chance for girls to play hockey.So to all of the women out there who have ever been told that they cannot do something for any reason: Go for it, take your shot. You never know what will happen.

Together - the 27 girls currently on this year's team and the players of the past - we took our shot. We would like to thank everyone who helped us get here. We will never forget your support.To our teammates, thank you for giving 100 percent, all of the time.

Melissa Pitarresi and Jennifer Delcourt, Class of 2008