Under the Knife: Bustling Bio Club

Geneseo's Biology Club may not be an organization of familiarity to those outside of the science community, but it is most certainly making an impact both on and off campus.

The club is supervised by professor George Briggs. President senior biology major Jillian Rozanski heads the club along with executive board members including senior Vice President Emily Grisante and Treasurer Robert Maines, junior. Together with the efforts of over 50 members, Bio Club is taking a stance to gain knowledge, mingle with faculty and fellow students, as well as make an effort to give back to the community.

"We encourage students to engage in group facilitated review sessions by introducing students to other students who may be in the same class, so that they can study together and learn from one another's techniques," said Rozanski.

Aside from study sessions, the club also hosts guest speakers to lecture, with some presenters in the past representing medical schools. During these sessions, students can ask questions and obtain information that may help them with their future in science careers.

Bio Club also places a strong emphasis on the importance of extra-curricular activities. "There is more to science than the classroom," said Rozanski. "That is why Bio Club stresses the need for trips and activities that will bring both students and faculty closer."

Each semester, Bio Club partakes in a picnic at Brodie Park, where students can have the chance to enjoy food and games while developing a personal bond with their professors and peers.

While past trips taken by the club have included the Rochester Museum of Science's exhibit "Bodies," the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse and the New England Aquarium in Boston, their upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. is by far their biggest planned event yet.

The trip will span over the course of three days and two nights, beginning on April 17. During the trip, students will get the chance to tour the Museum of Natural Science, the Museum of Air and Space and the National Zoo.

Though the organization spends much of their time creating opportunities for themselves, Bio Club has also made it their priority to give back to the community. In the past they have donated money to the Council for Exceptional Children in efforts to build schools in Africa, participated in Relay for Life, in which they helped to raise money for the American Cancer Society, written letters to injured soldiers and teamed up with the Geneseo Garden Club to aid in environmental improvement.

Aside from these examples, Rozanski added that the club is also looking to form a team to participate in raising money for the March of Dimes cause in the near future.

Bio Club holds its meetings once every two weeks in Bailey 135 and all are welcome to attend, regardless of their major. Anyone who is interested can contact the club at bioclub@geneseo.edu.