Under the Knife: Frisbee philanthropy benefits youths

A club sport growing in popularity and recognition, the Ultimate Frisbee team, has been tossing their love of the sport to local youth groups.

The team has held a day of frisbee with youth groups in the area once last semester and once so far this spring. "It's beneficial for the kids because we're positive role models," said club treasurer and sophomore Laura Marrin.

During these events about 25 kids between ages 12 and 15 explored the sport with the team in Holcomb gym. "We spent an hour in the gym throwing and catching, playing 25 on six, or just having some kind of throwing contest," said Marrin.

The team said they hope that by spending time with the kids, they will not only leave a positive impression of college students and the kinds of fun available in college, but the potential for them to also develop a love of the sport.

"It's a really great way to teach an up-and-coming sport, and hopefully some of them will want to get involved in Ultimate," said team secretary, sophomore Cathy Bijur. "It's really nice to pass on our love of the sport and to see them pick it up so quickly."

Marrin said that this is just the start. "It's always fun and we're planning on having it more than just once a semester in the future," she said.

The Ultimate Frisbee team, especially on the women's side, has been growing in popularity recently. This year, the club will be sending a women's team to sectionals in the spring for the second year in a row.

"The women's team is growing in such a big way," said Marrin. "We're really excited to have the numbers to send a women's team to sectionals." The team typically goes to around 10 tournaments each year, and play as separate women's and men's teams or as a mixed-gender team depending on the tournament.

Since the team practices year-round, they are forced to move their practices inside to Holcomb gym during the winter months. For this reason, the team is very excited to be spending part of spring break at a four-day national tournament called High Tide in Georgia. "It's a good opportunity for us to gear up for our outdoor season," said Marrin.

The Ultimate Frisbee team hopes to follow up their first place victory last Saturday at a tournament against 15 teams at Binghamton with more success this spring.