Under the Knife: Student Music Association orchestrates its goals

Geneseo's recently revived Student Music Association caters to music enthusiasts of all students' disciplines and talent levels, providing performances and presentations throughout the year.

Viewing SMA as a wonderful and advantageous addition to the college community, sophomore Maeghan Dineen, secretary, said the club "bridges the gap between Brodie and the rest of school community, which sometimes is viewed almost as its own separate entity."

Managed through a collaboration of student efforts, with between 10 and 15 regular members, the SMA certainly has a lot on its music-loving plate.

This semester, SMA members said they are very excited about their upcoming annual spring Composium, occurring on the Union Patio on May 1. A melding of the words "compose" and "symposium," Dineen said its main purpose is to "showcase student musicians and bands." SMA hopes to provide what junior Jesse Kinne, vice president, called a "coffee shop-like feel" complete with free refreshments for a very low entry price of less than $3.

While there are no formal auditions, SMA requests that each performance stay under 15 minutes, allowing for approximately two or three pieces per group. Their current initiative is to invite and encourage as many musicians and groups to perform as possible.

SMA hopes to continue and expand its tradition of using Composium as a medium to juxtapose the myriad of musical styles and interests that exist on campus. Last year's Composium offered tastes of jazz, folk, pop rock, death metal, electronica, a percussion drum circle and classical guitar. This year's performance hopes to provide a similar eclectic mixture in an outlet ripe for the infiltration of the many diverse musical tastes Geneseo has to offer.

SMA is also working on coordinating musical acts at The Grind to complement the many GREAT Day presentations coming up on Tuesday, April 21. The event is currently intended to be a jazz and chamber music festival to harmonically enhance the day's academically geared ambiance.

The club is also working to boost its funds through T-shirt sales, which cleverly read "Musicians Duet Better" for a cool $10. These can be made available upon request or wherever SMA functions are found.

Even though all of its current members are musicians themselves, the club opens itself to anyone with any interest in music whatsoever. "You always need groupies," said senior Ashley Wool.

Meetings are on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. in the Brodie Commons. For more information, please contact sma@geneseo.edu.