Tom Tran dominates KnightSpot comedy show

A lone guitar onstage was the first thing to catch the eyes of audience members Saturday night for a comedy show featuring Tom Tran, Matt Bergman and Josh Potter.

At 10 p.m. in the KnightSpot, this simple, original stage setup in no way reflected the mood that would permeate the room as the night progressed.

"It was crazy fun!" said freshman Michael Roff after the show as he waited in line to take part in the ice-cream social that followed. In fact, the ice cream social seemed to be the highlight of everyone's - including the comedians' - evening.

Tran, the night's headliner, said many times during his act that his career must have been skyrocketing. "Never before have I been given ice cream after a performance!" he said.

The ice cream was only the finishing touch to Tran's evening of hilarious comedy and racy observations. In fact, in a bold and public move, Tran actually hit on LateKnight coordinator Diana Barun, asking her if they could get some extra whipped cream and hot fudge after the show.

Sexual innuendos were not the only highlight of the evening, although they were a large part of it. Tran, who was significantly better than comedians who have performed before him at Geneseo, often filled the room with laughter at his jokes about technology, race and one very crazy St. Patrick's Day.

Tran even played the audience some music. Clearly talented, he sang about drunk dialing a girl who slept with his father, an ex-girlfriend who would have been perfect if he could only stand to hear her talk, and the terrible decisions he makes when he drinks.

Along with the audience, Tran was hysterical at his own jokes. At one point, he even laughed so hard that he cried.

Freshman Greg Sorin said, "This is almost as entertaining as Dragon Ball Z!" after hearing Tran's description of "the greatest midget fight ever!"

Tran also made interesting comments about the elderly crowd, saying, "Old men love walking around butt naked for no reason … and then talking to me."

Despite his uncanny ability to turn every race, age group and social class into the butt of his jokes, Tran offered a sentimental moment at the end of the evening when he said, "You guys were an awesome audience, it was a great turnout and I really hope to come back!" Judging from the audience's roars of approval, Geneseo hopes for his return to the campus as well.