Res-Life Spotlight

On Feb. 17, Resident Assistants senior Sarah Murtaza, junior Ray Lord and sophomore Debbie Bertlesman asked residents, "What is Love?"

To answer this question, students were encouraged to submit and share their feelings about the meaning of love through an array of literary mediums, including but not limited to poetry, song, short stories, artwork and skits.

Responses were so broad that the RAs believed only a program, held in Seneca Hall, could provide the stage for residents to express their thoughts. With Valentine's Day two days before, it was a whimsical way to address residents' curiosity regarding what "love" is.

At the event, Murtaza gave a brief introduction about the biology of love, while Lord presented the psychological aspect of love. Attendees soon learned that love is defined differently across age groups, cultures, families, ethnicities and many other social factions.

Murtaza said that the program "allowed residents to illustrate, through words and artwork, that love is not just between a man and woman. It's a lot deeper than just a physical attraction."