IRC members coordinate regional conference

The New York Sub-Regional meeting for 2009, geared toward problem-solving in an effort to improve Residence Life on campus, was held all day Saturday in the College Union.

Members of Inter-Residence Council, Residence Life and National Residence Hall Honorary worked closely together for months to ensure the smooth success of this past weekend.

Their decision on a Disney-related theme of "Mickey and Marty's magical Meeting" added some fun to the conference.

In order for Geneseo to host the conference, senior co-national communication coordinators Dan DeHollander and Jessica Resnick had to compile a 20-page manual and place a bid with other participating New York schools.

After receiving notification that they had won the bid, a committee of 11 people was put together at Geneseo to administer different aspects of the conference such as entertainment, facilities, food and finance. Also helping out were 21 additional volunteers who helped set up and hosted delegates this past weekend.

The meeting was held in order to prepare for the Northeast Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls conference that will be taking place in March. The New York region delegates meet in advance to debrief, talk about boardroom etiquette and current problems and issues. "It's how we bond and get back into the NEACURH swing of things," said Resnick.

Saturday was an all-day fanfare of great minds working together as a cohesive unit. Delegates from 10 different New York colleges arrived as lunch and icebreakers began before the delegates got down to business to discuss what they were here for: how to make residence life better.

Joey Sinchak, junior and programming coordinator for IRC, said that the biggest weakness of student government at Geneseo is the miniscule relationship between students in residence halls and in student government.

"People aren't aware of how to have a leadership role and they're not aware of the significance of having one," he said. "IRC and what we are part of is a way to attempt to remedy that." Feedback was given amongst delegates on how to fix these problems.

After discussing the nitty-gritty, karaoke and games ensued. "We introduced [the delegates] to the Geneseo tradition of broomball - which was hysterical, because everyone was wiping out," said Resnick. Later that night, delegates mamboed the night away at the MidKnight Magical dance in the KnightSpot, sponsored by Geneseo Late Knight.

Samantha Feldmeyer, junior and entertainment chair for the conference, said the best part of the weekend was seeing everyone's hard work come together and be appreciated by the delegates from visiting schools. "The people were really cool, very excited and really into being there," she said.

"There is nothing in Dan and Jess's job description that tells them to bid for conferences like these," said Sinchak. "Instead, they have gone above and beyond their leadership roles on campus and made Geneseo shine throughout the region. Though most of Geneseo students cannot fully know or understand what goes on in these conferences, the work and ambition shown by our NCCs really helps Geneseo stand out above the rest."