Invasion of Privacy: Multi-talented Ben Delozier rocks Onondaga Hall

Despite his staggering, almost intimidating image, Onondaga's dynamic residence director Ben Delozier exudes an approachable and amicable presence while maintaining a professional stance.

Born and raised in Woodstock, N.Y., Delozier said he's from "the heart of hippie town, but that in no way has any connection to my personality."

Since transferring to Geneseo in the 2003-04 school year, he has become something of a legend around campus. He has called many residence halls home while being a student here, and has been an RD for three years. Delozier said he almost couldn't decide which residence hall was his favorite because he's created such a fan base in the student body.

For his last year on campus, he's living and working in the all-freshmen Onondaga hall. He definitely has his hands full this year with over 300 first-year students to look after, but said he thrives in this sort of setting. Though his presence evokes fear in some students, Delozier is still friendly and personable to most.

Delozier is known not only for his expertise in Residence Life, but also for his musical talent. He is a member of a hardcore metal band with a few other Geneseo students that goes by the name Two If By Sea. The band has been together for about a year and a half.

As the band's lead singer, Delozier said he "gets up in people's faces" and waves around the band's trademark bar stool. "Everybody bows down to the stool," he says, with only a hint of irony.

Delozier was no stranger to the stage when he began the band either. In high school he was the drummer of a band that had a fairly significant local following, but it disbanded once the members went to their respective colleges.

Though it's quite strange to think about him as a mild-mannered Geneseo staff member by day and a snarling front man by night, that's what makes Delozier so dynamic. He proves he can be a responsible adult and still have fun while doing it.

After leaving the Geneseo campus, Delozier said he plans to "explore the world and become a rock star, but not necessarily in that order."

Delozier's assessment of his future probably isn't too far off: He has already become a local rock star among the student body and staff of Geneseo. Perhaps it's his sense of humor and personable demeanor that make him such a fun guy to be around.