The Visitations concert attracts small, satisfied crowd

The Visitations, an indie rock group from Athens, Ga., played an intimate concert at the KnightSpot last Thursday evening, sponsored by Mac's Place.

There wasn't a large crowd, but the band's performance was anything but small.

The distinct sound of the lead singer's voice combined with the band's instrumentation made for a unique and enlightening musical experience.

"I was always surprised and excited by the sounds that they created with their guitars and synthesizers," said junior John Gasper. "It's different from what you usually hear around Geneseo … in a refreshing way."

Lead vocalist Davey Wrathgabar had a nasal-y voice that gave their sound a clear and sharp tone that went hand-in-hand with the twangy guitar lines.

Lead guitarist Matt Bender switched between playing guitar, accordion and drums throughout the set. His mini, child-sized drum set may have looked silly, but it did not stop him from producing pulsating rhythms.

When it came to pounding out beats, Bender had some steep competition from synthesizer player, Lucas Noah.

Noah spent much of his time banging on a vintage-looking radio apparatus that was strategically placed next to a microphone to echo throughout the venue.

The Visitations have achieved a catchy sound by juxtaposing unusually different genres.

"It's almost like freak-folk," said freshmen Nick Becht. Their songs included folk-like lyrics placed over hip-hop inspired beats strung together with Brian Wilson-esque hooks.

"I thought it sounded like a weird mix between country and something else," said senior Norma Butikofer. "Everyone loved it!"

To try and pin-point the exact sound of these indie artists would be detrimental to the spirit of their musicality.

The band's personal style follows that of their music closely, seeing as the confounds of indie-couture bear no weight on any of the members.

Wrathgabar simply wore a pair of dusty black pants, black dress shoes and a red T-shirt - a far cry from the usual straightleg jeans, converse sneakers and flannel shirts of most modern indie rockers.

There was no need for any loud fashion statements as the high-energy band members charmed the audience with their offbeat sense of humor, which included such stunts as a 15-second gargling solo and a break from the synthesizer for 20 push-ups.

Wrathgabar also enjoyed opening several of his songs by saying, "this one's about marijuana," followed by, "at least, I think it is."

Surely, Geneseo will anxiously await the band's next "visitation."