Res-Life Spotlight

Running a program in a Residence Hall that is both fun and beneficial to students can be a daunting and challenging task.

But junior Laura Jakubowski, a first semester R.A. in Genesee Hall, has a knack for attracting residents to her programs and ensuring that they learn something from them.

On Feb. 1, Laura hosted the "Share and Care Super Bowl Party" in Genesee Hall. Laura's goal was to offer a program that would help maintain a sense of community in the building, thus giving people who did not have plans a chance to go to a Super Bowl party, while at the same time benefitting less fortunate families in this difficult economic situation.

Though it was not required, party guests were encouraged to donate a non-perishable item when they arrived. Jakubowski said she was not surprised that Genesee Hall residents were willing and enthusiastic to participate. Residents from Genesee Hall and several other halls thoroughly enjoyed this unique event.

Work like this should not go unrecognized, so this week's recognition of excellence in ResLife goes to you, Laura.