Lindsay Matthews scholarship in planning

After the tragic death of sophomore Lindsay Matthews on Nov. 9, 2008, the Matthews family is creating a scholarship to honor her memory.

"Since Lindsay was the recipient of a scholarship in the honor of another Orchard Park student, it seemed appropriate to create a scholarship fund," said Lindsay's brother, Scott Matthews. "[It] was in honor of an Orchard Park graduate, Scott Krueger, who tragically lost his life at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In turn, my family has decided to create a Lindsay Matthews Scholarship to give to students who succeed in bringing joy to the lives of others as Lindsay did so much."

According to Scott, at least $10,000 has already been raised for the scholarship, and more is expected to be added to that sum this week. Sophomore Lauren Lorow said she encourages students to attend a fundraiser tonight at the Inn Between from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. "It is $3 at the door and all the proceeds go to the scholarship," she said. "There will also be a donation box inside for any other donations."

Scott hopes to raise at least another $1,000 this Saturday. "John Carroll University, the college my brother and I attend, is having an event called the "Concert for Lindsay," he said. "My roommate and close friend is a musician and will be hosting a concert to honor Lindsay. All the money received from this concert is going to the scholarship fund."

Lindsay worked with young inner city children, the Boys and Girls Club of America and in the Buffalo Speech and Hearing Center before she died. Her family said they are happy to see that others will continue to benefit in her name.

"People just knew Lindsay was a friend you could always count on to be there for you," said Scott.

Although the Office of College Advancement "does not have details about the efforts on behalf of Lindsay," according to Michael Catillaz, vice president of College Advancement, the Mathews family said they hope to continue raising funds for the scholarship through efforts that stretch from Geneseo to Ohio - from her friends' school to her brothers'.

"My family is so thankful for the all the support the school continues to show us," said Scott. "This tragic loss has been one I could have never imagined and the support of others has helped my family get through this difficult time. Always keep Lindsay in your thoughts."