Demetri Martin TV show debut a slam-dunk

Demetri Martin, the current "it guy" of comedy, recently premiered his new series "Important Things" on Comedy Central.

The show stars the comedian in a variety of stand-up segments and sketches, with every episode centered around a common theme.

The first episode, which aired on Feb. 11, featured a slew of jokes focused on "time."

Martin played with this subject by acting in such sketches as "A Guy Who is Way Too Early for a Rave," in which he dressed up as a rave-goer and danced around New York City, and "Jerry Pappas: Time Gigolo," where he played a pony-tailed janitor who uses time travel to sleep with women from different time periods.

Martin keeps audiences laughing with his signature dry sense of humor and the silly sketches, such as "Ability to Draw Mountains Over Time" and "How Funny I Find Farts By Location" that he draws on his "large pad."

One of the more noteworthy drawings of the night was of a "One Hour Photo" store right next to a "59 Minute Photo" store, with the next part of the drawing showing the first store out of business.

More of Martin's many talents include his skill at playing the guitar during some of his jokes, as well as his ambidexterity.

On his special entitled "Demetri Martin: Person" he draws using both his hands in the beginning sequence. While this special increased his fan base, his loyal fans remember the days of his first special, "These Are Jokes," and his other appearances on Comedy Central.

One of the more memorable jokes from "Person" was his commentary on Internet etiquette: "Whenever I'm on my computer, I don't type 'lol.' I type 'lqtm': 'laugh quietly to myself.' It's more honest."

Many fans of comedy are beginning to prefer Martin to one of his contemporaries, Dane Cook. While Cook uses a robust, cynical style of joke-telling, Martin capitalizes on his dry one-liners and ironic sense of humor.

Martin got his start in comedy by appearing on Comedy Central's stand-up comedy show "Premium Blend," and then became a writer for the popular show "Late Night with Conan O'Brien."

He eventually got his own special due to his rapidly increasing fan base.

"Important Things" airs on Comedy Central every Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. Whether audiences have already begun watching the show, or are interested in starting, Martin is sure to entertain.