"Tick ...Tick ...BOOM!" blows audience away

Veg S.O.U.P.'s production of "Tick … Tick … BOOM!" the story of a "promising young composer," showcases the talents of promising Geneseo students.

Directed by senior Sarah Rychlik, the show is a relatable piece not only because of its content but also because of its student cast and production team.

"Tick … Tick … BOOM!," a musical filled with odes to early adulthood that break through dreams with Twinkies and brunches, is fueled by live guitarists and strong vocals.

MaryElisabeth Kimbark, junior musical theatre major, shines in her lead role as Susan, a dancer and love interest of Johnny, played by junior Sean Lessard.

Lessard is strong in his role, which demands upwards of two solo pieces and genuine chemistry with the other leads.

Lucas Groth, another junior who is known mainly as a comedic actor, proves that he can also play a layered character extremely well in the role of Michael, Johnny's best friend.

Junior Chris Blasting, the show's musical director, displayed his talent by creating a makeshift band to work and sound like an actual orchestra.

This musical should not be written off simply as a tale of emotional development; It comes complete with a shadowed sex scene, public orgasms and laugh out loud one-liners.

It is a true coming of age story, especially for its student audience. The ideas of decision-making and becoming adults are only exemplified more with its student managers, actors and designers.

Courtney Wheater, sophomore education major and the stage manager said, "It was always a learning experience, from day one."

The time constraints may have proved as a detriment to pinpointing some of the minuscule flaws, but the show's message is direct and entertainingly unfolds, only to the credit of the cast and crew.

Senior Kate Starzewski gave credit to everyone involved for "pulling something great together in such a short amount of time."

Rychlik needs to be accredited for her huge undertaking. "Tick … Tick … BOOM!" involves a large set, a live band on stage and coaching the three leads in the show to play a number of minor roles. Working with the small budget and time restrictions of student production did not stop the young director from an overall success.

The Robert Sinclair Theatre welcomes a production that, although not perfect, is comically, musically and dramatically entertaining and appeals to any type of audience.

"Tick … Tick … Boom!" will be showing in the Black Box Theatre from Feb. 12 to Feb. 14, at 8 p.m. each night, in addition to an 11 p.m. show on Friday.