Student Spotlight: Sarah Rychlik a seasoned student of theatre

Senior musical theater major Sarah Rychlik, who has brought innovation and variety to each of her many Geneseo performances, is directing her experience at the renowned theatrical production "Tick … Tick … BOOM!"

A member of Musical Theater Club, Chamber Singers, Cothurnus and the theatre and dance honor society Alpha Psi Omega, Rychlik surely does not have a lack of creative outlets, but her main focus has always been on performance.

"I have always loved to perform on stage," she said. "There's just something about being somebody else other than yourself."

Rychlik has certainly accumulated a lot of on-stage experience, but now she is tackling a new role as a student director for the play opening this week in the Robert E. Sinclair Theater.

"Tick … Tick … BOOM!" written by four-time Tony Award winner Jonathan Larson who also won the Pulitzer Prize for his musical, "Rent," tells the tale of an aspiring composer who fears he has made a wrong career move by being a part of the performing arts.

Rychlik said that she believes that this is a show that students everywhere can relate to. "It's about not really knowing what to do with your life," she said. "Surely, that applies to a lot of us graduating seniors."

The show focuses on relationships, inner-conflict and waking up the audience to the world around them. "We tend to be so concerned about accomplishing things in 'X' amount of time," said Rychlik. "Sometimes we let the best things in life pass us by."

Time never escapes Rychlik, who scheduled precious rehearsal time for the show's three very busy cast members. According to Rychlik, the cast learned the music before winter break and, upon return, had one week to put everything together in the performance space.

Crewmembers built and painted the musical's set in less than a week while rehearsals occurred in Wadsworth Auditorium and in the hallways of Brodie. "I was taking any time I could get, wherever I could get it," said Rychlik.

Taking on the role of director was no small task, but surprisingly not as tough as Rychlik said she had anticipated. She said she has been pleased with the growth of her actors and is proud of their hard work and dedication.

"Because I've shown that I respect them, they've shown me that same respect in return," she said. Rychlik aimed to remain approachable throughout the process of putting together the show and to maintain a comfortable working environment with her peers.

Rychlik is confident that she will look back on this production of "Tick … Tick … BOOM!" and feel proud of her accomplishments.

"The theatrical experiences that stick out in my head are not necessarily the ones that were the most fun," said Rychlik. She vividly recalls working on the Geneseo production of "The Seagull" last spring, saying, "It was probably the hardest show I've ever done, but I feel like it's an experience I'll never have again."

"The shows that were meaningful and beneficial stick out to me…and I know ["Tick … Tick … BOOM!"] will be one."