Letter to the Editor: Students need to learn basic politeness, pronto

I have long touted the wonderful students here at Geneseo and still think that, by and large, they are. However, in several cases during an amazing performance by River North Chicago Dance Company on Saturday night, students' manners were sorely lacking. Here's the thing, folks: The audience pays good money for tickets and attends such a show expecting to be able to focus on the performances on stage.

Unfortunately, numerous times Saturday night I was distracted (and, truth be told, irritated) by the glow of cell phones and student chatter. (This was particularly irritating since after each piece the lights came up and there was time to talk, etc.) If you want to talk or text or check your messages, leave the theater! Allow those who are trying to enjoy the show to do so. It's called being respectful of others.

Dr. Leigh O'Brien

Professor of Education