Transfer 101, second lesson: bare necessities

You went to a Late Knight activity, attended a social gathering off-campus and may have even gone to some midnight bowling - not a bad start, mid-year transfer student.

Now that you have tackled the social scene, you may be wondering about more important issues, such as: "Where can I work to support my money-spending habits?" "where can I go to eat off-campus because CAS is disagreeing with my digestive tract?" or, "where can I go to study when my neighbor sings opera and my paper-thin walls aren't cutting it?"

You may not qualify for Work-Study, but there are still numerous job options. Campus Auxiliary Services is a very common student employer. All you have to do is log onto, print out an application and turn it into whichever CAS location tickles your fancy.

Career Services in Blake 104 will also help you find a job. Advisors are always willing to help, and a list of available jobs is posted there as well. The Career Services Web site is another great place to start your job search. Additionally, businesses on Main Street are a relatively close walk from dorms if you lack a car.

If you are seeking a quiet place to study, the top floor of the library is truly a sanctuary. That is, until people start whispering and any drop of noise, no matter how soft it may be, distracts you since it's so quiet in the first place. The bottom floor of the library also offers a plethora of tables and hidden rooms to study in.

Moving on to the Union, the Study Room on the bottom floor, next to the Hunt Room, provides an alternative studying location. When the rooms on the top floor are not in use, many are ready and waiting for all your studying needs.

Off-campus dining offers a great alternative to CAS food. If you don't feel like going outside in the blustering cold temperatures, many places on Main Street deliver, such as Mamma Mia's, Pizza Paul's and Main Moon.

If you do trek up to Main Street, Geneseo Family Restaurant offers large portions and cheap prices for any meal. Aunt Cookie's Sub Shop, Miceli's Deli and Muddy Waters also provide great subs and sandwiches.

Once you've established yourself and gotten the necessities together, be adventurous and travel outside of campus. The town has many hidden treasures, great people and even an enormous Wal-Mart. Good luck!