Sundance-owned Campus Store may change hands

While the implications for Sundance Books Textbook Outlet may be obvious, many might not realize that replacing Geneseo's textbook vendor also threatens the Campus Store in the College Union.

The Campus Store, though an on-campus establishment, is run by Sundance Books and sells supplies and items according to the vendor's perception of students' needs.

"They're very mindful of the things they carry," said junior Irene Bayly, a Sundance employee in the Campus Store. "They try to get recycled things and they think from the consumer's point of view."

Some worry the Union's store will suffer under different ownership. "If it were replaced by a big name store it would not be personalized to Geneseo the way it is under Sundance," said junior employee Lindsay Randall.

Others have expressed concern that changes might make the store less convenient and price-conscious. "I have always liked the store because it's inexpensive. I would be concerned that prices would go up," said junior Danielle Relyea.

"For the most part prices here are very reasonable, and it saves you a trip to Wal-Mart," added junior Amanda Senft, a Campus Store employee through Royaltees, which has a contract with Sundance to sell Geneseo apparel in the Campus Store.

Employees in the Campus Store expressed concern about their jobs. "Everyone's kind of nervous about it," said Senft. "We are employed directly by Royaltees and Sundance and we don't know what would happen if Sundance were replaced."

Some students are fairly open to changes in the Campus Store. "Another vendor would probably carry the same things as the store does now," said sophomore Lindsey Marotta. "I don't think that it would really make a difference if the supplier changed."

Given that no definitive decision has been made regarding the renewal of Geneseo's contract with Sundance or a contract with a different vendor, it is difficult to say how things may or may not change. "We would like very much for another five-year contract to be renewed if it is economically feasible," said Karl Kuntz, the Campus Store manager. "We work closely with the faculty and the students."

According to Kuntz, despite Sundance's history in Geneseo, this is a matter of contracts. "This is what business is," he said. "If we can renew we will."

Kuntz also said that he hopes to improve Sundance's accessibility on the Internet for a more convenient way for students to buy textbooks.