Jonathan Redlick lends insight from rookie season

The Lamron: How do you think the season is going so far?

Jonathan Redlick: We started out really strong. We are kind of going through a slump right now but … beating the U.S. Under-18 [Development] Team really gave us a boost of confidence letting us know what we can do as a team.

Lamron: How much do you think three years of junior hockey helped you as compared to just playing college hockey right out of high school?

Redlick: It just gets you physically prepared. You can definitely tell the guys who have played junior are a little bit tougher. Playing against some older guys I learned a few things and got a little smarter. That got me better prepared for the college level.

Lamron: What were the main adjustments from your previous levels of hockey to the collegiate level?

Redlick: The speed was a little bit faster and the guys are bigger and stronger. The intensity is a lot higher than it was in juniors.

Lamron: Did you expect to make as big of an impact on special teams, with all the power-play goals?

Redlick: I didn't, it was kind of a surprise. I knew that I would get the chance but it didn't think it would be as successful. When we started off it was pretty successful and now our power play is getting back to the way it should [be].

Lamron: Have you noticed the team chemistry improve throughout the year?

Redlick: The team chemistry since the day I got here has been unbelievable. It's not like there's a group of five or six guys that don't hang out with anybody. When we do anything it's as a team. The guys from last year have told me it's a thousand times better than it was last year. You can tell right off the bat that guys were sticking up for each other. Everyone's playing for each other.

Lamron: So right away you noticed how close the team was?

Redlick: Yeah. There are times in practice where guys get on each other. That's the way it is, guys are trying to get in the lineup. Guys who aren't competing, someone's going to see that and say, "Come on, we need you." People try to pick each other up and make each other better.

Lamron: What do you have to do to beat a team like Plattsburgh?

Redlick: We respect their record but a team like that can still be beaten. All teams have a weakness and it's a matter of finding what it is and attacking it.

Lamron: When do you start thinking about the SUNYAC tournament?

Redlick: We really take every game like a playoff game. Especially when we played Brockport the other night we had to go into that game thinking that this could be our last game. We have to play with that desperation because one game or one point could make a difference in the season.