Long-anticipated DVD service promises convenience, satisfaction

This semester, Geneseo has become the first college to host a DVD kiosk from UniversiDVD, a convenient addition for students seeking a quick movie rental.

The service, located in the Union mailroom, allows any student to rent a DVD for one day using a debit or credit card. The kiosk works like the Redbox systems found in many major retail stores, but is tailored to college campuses. Users are charged $1.99 per DVD provided they return it by 6 p.m. the following day. Late returns are charged an additional $1.99 for each extra day, with a cap of $30.

UniversiDVD partner Bryan Ravit said that his company literally "takes the new releases and sticks them in a box." Though the kiosk currently holds primarily new and popular titles, Ravit said he is open to student feedback and that all are welcome to send requests to universiDVD@gmail.com.

He also said that credit and debit card information is completely secure and encrypted so that not even he can access it. "We commit to 100 percent student satisfaction," Ravit said.

In addition to dispensing DVDs, Ravit hopes the kiosk will be used as advertising space for local businesses. The college will take in 10 percent of revenues generated by the kiosk, but will incur some expenses for fees and extra Internet lines.

Campus Auxiliary Services' Marketing Coordinator Becky Stewart said CAS was not concerned with trying to earn a profit. "If we break even, we're really happy to provide the service," she said.

According to Stewart, students have been requesting an on-campus DVD rental service for some time and UniversiDVD caught the attention of both CAS Executive Director Mark Scott and an assistant to College Union Director Chip Matthews.

"I'm excited about being able to expand the services offered by the College Union," said Matthews.

Students have for the most part reacted positively to the new addition. "I think it's a great idea," said sophomore Kate Smith. "I hope they have good movies."

Freshman Aaron Iuppa said, "It sounds like a good idea," noting that the pricing was "reasonable."

Not all students were sold. "The movies didn't look that great," said freshman Justin Lahue.

Although the service only works with credit and debit cards at this time, Stewart said CAS hopes to make student ID cards compatible with the kiosk in the future, possibly as soon as this fall.

New titles will be rotated into the stock every Tuesday. All students can try out the service for free by entering promotional code 106232011, which will waive the first-day fee one time.