Letter to the Editor: Fond memories '81

In the fall of 1978 I met my future wife amongst a group of friends in the lobby of Niagara residence hall. The first night of getting to know each other occurred at the Vital Spot - yup the drinking age was 18 then, and pitchers of Genesee were only $2. Our first official date was the next night, when we saw "Jesus Christ Superstar" at Wadsworth Auditorium for $1. Movies were every Sunday night and the ad-libs by the audience were free - what a deal! The first snow that year we took a walk along an old railroad bed toward some woods as the flakes swirled down over the valley. She is a person I felt completely comfortable with and completely excited about. It's funny how in college you can get to know someone so quickly. For Halloween that year she was a call girl and I was a flasher... can't go wrong there. Good things happen at Geneseo. Move forward 30 years and my wife is a children's librarian (a very stylish and dedicated one at that), our oldest daughter is a freshman at SUNY Fredonia and our son is a very curious 4th-grader. A good year to you all.

Andy Smith is an alumnus whose happily-ever-after began with $2 Genny pitchers. God bless you, sir.