Under the Knife: Ski and Snowboard Club heats up for cold fun

Junior Ian Szalinski recently founded the Ski and Snowboard Club with the help of several other students, and it's one of the most rapidly growing student groups on campus.

Current members have made an effort to recruit new participants, with notable success. The club has accumulated over 460 people on their e-mail list, 210 responses to an interest survey and around 200 attendees to a recent informational meeting.

The club was instituted to form a community of students at all experience levels who share a common interest in skiing and snowboarding. The group provides opportunities for members to organize trips to various mountains. Unaffiliated with the ski team, it serves as an alternative way to get involved in the activity.

"There are so many students who like to ski and snowboard," said President Szalinski. "A lot of people say that they haven't done it since high school and that they want to get involved again."

Since the club does not receive any funding, trips must be paid for by participating students. "Our goal is always to minimize the cost," said Szalinski. "We have also had some ski and snowboard companies offer discounts on outerwear, skis, boards and boots."

There are currently plans for a four-day trip to Mont Tremblant in Quebec at the end of January, as well as a two-to-three-day trip to Vermont in February. The club also skis locally at Bristol Mountain.

In addition to organizing trips, the Ski and Snowboard Club plans to expand into on-campus activities.

"We want to show ski and snowboard movies, have waxing and equipment care clinic, Nordic skiing and anything else to get people involved on campus," said Szalinski.

According to Szalinski, "If anyone has ever thought of it, they should look into the club as an opportunity to get involved on any level."

The ski and snowboard club has not yet begun holding regular meetings, but interested students can e-mail the club's president at ips1@geneseo.edu.