Seneca Hall ready to house writers, transfer students

The Writers House, set to open next semester, will now accommodate selected incoming transfer students in addition to the current students who applied for the program.

According to Kim Bilinski, future area coordinator, Residence Life received about 65 applications from current students, with 55 of these students accepting an invitation to move into the hall in January. Among current students who have committed to living in the hall next semester, there are two seniors, eight juniors, 24 sophomores and 21 freshmen.

So far, about 20 incoming transfer students have expressed interest in the hall. The building is designed to house 80 students in four-person suites.

Bilinski said that some students who were interested in the Writers House preferred to move in next fall rather than halfway through the year, and she expects the application process to be more competitive in Fall 2009.

Students who intend to live in the hall will have to move out of their current rooms by the end of this semester, but will be able to store belongings in their new rooms over winter break.

"The students who will be residing in Writers House next semester have enthusiasm and excitement for the possibilities that lay ahead," said Bilinski. "We have such a wonderfully diverse group of students who will be residing there that I anticipate the pilot semester being an extremely successful one."

For more information on the Writer's House, located in brand-new Seneca Hall, contact Kim Bilinski at