Professor Dale Metz receives highest honor

The American Speech-Hearing-Language Association awarded Dale Metz, speech scientist and communicative disorders professor, its highest honor on Nov. 21 at the annual convention in Chicago.

Metz was one of five to receive Honors of the Association. Since its creation in 1944, only 149 people have received this prestigious award for lifetime achievement in the fields of speech, language, and hearing.

Howard Shane, a colleague at Harvard, nominated Metz for his contributions to speech and hearing science at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (where he was an original member of the Communication Research Department), the Rochester Institute of Technology, and here at Geneseo.

A prolific writer, Metz has published two texts and over 60 articles. He is recognized for his groundbreaking research in normal speech and speech production associated with deafness, hearing impairment, and stuttering as well as his work on simultaneous communication, providing empirical evidence of its merits.

Metz has previously been awarded the ASHA Fellowship, the State University of New York Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research, and several other distinguished recognitions.

Though aware of his nomination, Metz did not expect to receive the award. "I was flattered and humbled that [Shane] wanted to bring me up for it," he said. "I was even more flattered and humbled when I received the phone call from the president of the ASHA."

Metz and four other honorees received the award at the ASHA's national convention in front of a crowd of 4,000. "The awards ceremony is quite a production," said Metz. "It's a little awe-inspiring."

Besides his research and publications, Metz is regarded as a talented professor and a valuable resource for his students.

"Dale Metz is an outstanding researcher and teacher, and a vital member of the department," said Linda House, chair of the communicative disorders and sciences department.

"Speaking for the faculty and staff, we are proud of his accomplishments and extend our most sincere congratulations," said House.