Lupe Fiasco delivers first-rate performance

On Nov. 22, Kuhl Gymnasium hosted the long-awaited concert of hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco, who brought a plethora of high-energy beats mixed with mesmerizing tones that captivated his audience.

His attitude toward the crowd created the atmosphere of witnessing an exclusive show, as though he were performing privately for a group of close friends instead of a concert for a crowd of college students.

The opening indie-electro band, Hey Champ, provided uncontrollable energy, which became apparent when Fiasco came out dancing during the group's last song. Like old buddies cheering each other on, Fiasco and the openers rocked the set and left the crowd pleasantly surprised to be so entertained by a relatively unknown band.

From that point on, the anticipation for Fiasco's part of the show was unbearably intense.

The crowd went wild as soon as the beat for "Kick, Push" began. Fiasco continued to rev up his audience and made listeners feel as if the songs were dedicated to them personally, sparking even more enthusiasm for his music.

The true determination of the quality of a concert does not come from its televised or recorded reception, but from its impact as a live show. Fiasco's concert undoubtedly excelled as a live performance.

Even audience members who were not entirely familiar with Fiasco's lyrics still found solace in his music, swaying to the unique and enthralling tunes.

Ever the gentleman, Fiasco showed his appreciation to his fans during his show: "This is not a concert. This is not a show. This is not a performance, this is an exchange…this is an exchange of all the love you've given me over the years. I'm givin' it back to you; all you gotta do is use it, no matter what obstacle you face…"

Nods from the audience solidified the engaging connection he made. From then on the listeners became admirers, the admirers became fans and the fans had found a new "religion."

Never failing to create his own staple for excellence, Fiasco's family collaboration was just the breath of fresh air the hip-hop industry has needed, especially with all of the single emcees choosing the solitary career track simply to emphasize that they indeed are "the greatest."

Although other artists can claim to be "the greatest," Mr. Fiasco is undoubtedly "the coolest"-a genuine "Superstar." Lupe Fiasco definitely gives current big-name artists a run for their money.

While singing his finale, "Daydreamin'," Fiasco still failed to show any signs he was ready to quit. His energy was so infectious that the audience had no idea that their time with Lupe Fiasco was drawing to a close.

As if in a rehearsed chant, the crowd accompanied the band and surrendered to the music. The throng continued to dance with increasing enthusiasm, and when Fiasco ran offstage everyone was left wanting more; exactly as he had intended.