Ask Christine...

Dear Christine,

I'm a Geneseo freshman and I went home to Long Island for the first time for Thanksgiving Break. It was nice to be home and have some home cooked meals but my parents drove me absolutely nuts. It was like I was still in high school: I had a curfew, they asked who I was hanging out with, and woke me up early to "help around the house." This really frustrated me since I have been living independently for months at Geneseo. I am dreading going home for winter break; what should I do?

Parent Peeves

Dear Parent Peeves,

You need to have a mature conversation with your parents about your concerns. Show them that you have become an independent and responsible adult. While it may be frustrating to live by your parents rules you do have to keep in mind that they are the ones making your delicious home-cooked meals and most likely the ones paying for your college education. Unfortunately, you are not yet independent of your parents. Until you graduate and can fully support yourself, you must respect your parent's requests.

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