A Day in the Life of: Secretaries approach daily tasks, students with delight

Behind the desks of each academic department, professors and students alike seek the tireless and ever-helpful star resources of Geneseo-the secretaries.

The academic department secretaries fulfill numerous duties every day. Organizing special events, dealing with students switching majors and catering to professors are just a few of the tasks included in their daily work schedule.

"I answer at least 30 e-mails a day, if not more, assist students with classes, call Erwin to solve problems the students might have, schedule classes for the upcoming semester, schedule the tutors for the writing learning center and schedule clients," said Michele Feeley, English department secretary.

Responsibilities vary with different departments. For example, Debora Lee Lowery, communications department secretary, travels with two students from the radio station to away hockey games.

Student interaction is the most rewarding aspect of their day-to-day activities, many secretaries say.

"I love the students. Interaction with them is great," said Joyce Peter, sociology department secretary. "I don't like it when you guys go on break because I'm lonely. I like the conversations with students."

Nichole Stekl, education department secretary agreed. "I like the interaction with the students," Stekl said. "I like to be able to help them. They come in with a sense of humor and lighten the day."

Although the various tasks and student relations never allow for a dull moment, there are some downfalls to the secretarial life.

Barbara Rex-McKinney, the history department secretary, named one: "Putting up with budget cuts. I keep doing more at the least amount."

Lowery does not enjoy taking minutes at department meetings, while Peter misses the lack of student interaction when classes are not in session over the summer.

"I have to be here and I just don't like it because there's not a high volume of students," she said.

"I don't really have any dislikes about my job," said Feeley. When it comes to helping others, Feeley views it as a chance to create good karma.

"I hope one day someone could be as helpful to my children when they needed help," she said.