Film Review: Quantum of Solace a second-rate sequel

The name is Solace … Quantum of Solace. Directed by Marc Forster and starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, the highly anticipated sequel to Casino Royale is a thrill ride that breaks many Bond traditions.

The movie is not based off an Ian Flemming novel but steals the title from one of his short stories. Quantum of Solace is a direct continuation from the previous film, Casino Royale.

One of the biggest transitions of the film from others in the franchise is it's desire to convey a gritty feel and portray Bond as a human being on a mission rather than as the suave superspy of his earlier days.

Quantum of Solace follows Bond as he searches for the people responsible for his girlfriend Vesper's death. In the process of searching, he uncovers a criminal organization that has spread everywhere, though MI6, his boss, knows nothing about it.

The apparent head of this organization, Dominic Greene (played by Mathieu Amalric), is not a typical Bond villain; he is not physically well built, and has no scars or other distinguishing characteristics.

This Bond bad-guy has been updated to modern times in which villains blend in with everyone else. He is an intelligent criminal that uses deceit and manipulation to get what he wants.

As for the story, the plot is decent and full of intense action scenes. It feels a bit convoluted towards the end though; for fans of the stereotype, the film lacks the cliché scene in which the villain explains his nefarious plan - something that Quantum could do with.

The movie, however, does do a great job of tying up the story arc begun in Casino Royale with Vesper's death. Overall, this Bond film is entertaining, but not as good as it's precursor.