Ask Christine...

Dear Christine,

I let my friend borrow $50 from me over the past month, under the condition she would pay me back as soon as she got her next paycheck. It's been four weeks and two paychecks later and I still haven't gotten it back. I've brought it up a couple times and she's said she doesn't have it. I've seen her spending money on new clothes when she has a lot already. How can I get my money back?


Shallow Pockets

Dear Shallow Pockets,

First and foremost, you have to be assertive. Don't sit back and watch your friend spend money on new things she likely doesn't need while you wait on her to pay you back. Give her a deadline. Tell her you need the money by this weekend because you are low on cash and need to get some things. Get your point across but don't be overly aggressive because it's never good to have a fight over money. Learn from your experience and be aware of who you lend money to, because we all know what happens when we make bad loans!

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