Res-Life Spotlight

After about two months of weekly meetings, in-depth planning and scurrying around, a dedicated group of residential assistants saw all of their hard work pay off in the success of the "Swing State Sweepstakes."

Senior Seth Palmer, juniors Sylvia Nelson, Michelle Esposito, Ray Fedora, Jessica Herrmann and Carla Pennello, and sophomore Will Labate were the organizers of the program, which was in full "swing" from 9 to 11 p.m.

The Union Ballroom was alive with 300 people watching the election results live on the big screen while enjoying election related games and activities provided by the several campus political groups in attendance.

Upon entry, those who attended the program received a raffle ticket and a ballot. The raffle ticket provided a chance to win a door prize while the ballot offered something far more interesting. On the ballot, attendees guessed which candidate would win each of the "swing" states - states in which neither Sen. Barack Obama nor Sen. John McCain had overwhelming support. The participant most successful in predicting the correct outcome won the biggest prize.

Other highlights of the program included a speech by Niagara Hall Residence Director Amy Willems, who talked about the importance of every vote cast and the function of the Electoral College. As she worked on the Obama campaign, Willems had keen insight on the subject.

In the closing seconds of the program, as the grand finale, Obama was announced as the president-elect of the United States. The resulting celebration and mob insanity was truly a to behold.

Far less visible was the time and effort put in by the organizing RAs to make the program such a success, and so, to the organizers of the sweepstakes, this week's Spotlight goes to you.