Restaurant Review: Peppermint's leaves customers with a fresh taste

Peppermint's Restaurant, a no-frills family diner located in Avon, sounds perfectly suited for the wintry months ahead, but the welcoming restaurant stocked with classic diner fare is ideal for a midday brunch or simple dinner year round.

Though its location may be less convenient than eatery options on Geneseo's Main Street, the town of Avon is only a short, scenic drive from campus.

Upon entering Peppermint's, customers are greeted with seating choices of counter, booth or table by a staff that seems fit for Avon's small community - they treat customers like old friends.

Peppermint's breakfast menu does not disappoint. It features the standard combos of eggs, breakfast meat, home fries and pancakes, but also offers unique takes on the average breakfast.

The "breakfast messyplate," for example, is a rough patchwork of morning delights such as eggs, potatoes and vegetables, all smothered in yellow Hollandaise sauce. If you prefer a similar but less messy option, the "smorgasbord omelet" serves up a smashing combination of peppers, onions and meat to please the palate.

Those with a sweet tooth can also find a favorite on Peppermint's menu. As a side, split the "L.A. cinnamon toast" with a friend for a super-sweet, spicy addition to breakfast. The menu also offers a flavorful range of waffles and pancakes, such as the remarkable pecan option.

Peppermint's also stands out for its flavored chai teas, such as vanilla, which are served in a mug with a dollop of whipped cream and top off a cozy meal.

In addition to breakfast, Peppermint's also offers lunch and dinner.

If you're looking for a fancy dining experience or a quick bite on the go, this is not the restaurant to go to, but Peppermint's is the perfect compromise: the diner, located along a picturesque drive from Geneseo, offers a warm atmosphere, great food and welcome respite from the cold.