Invasion of Privacy: Senior Danny Carroll performs with personality, on Brodie stage and off

To those who frequent performing arts events at Geneseo, Danny Carroll is quite a familiar face.

A senior theatre and English double major, Carroll has both performed in shows and written pieces for performance since his freshman year. He is an active member of the performing arts community as the presidents of drama club Cothurnus and member of the Musical Theatre Club. Most recently, Carroll held a lead role as MacHeath in The Threepenny Opera and for his fourth year, he will appear in this weekend's MTC revue.

Carroll said that he has been performing in and writing theatrical works since high school. He wrote his first serious play in his junior year of high school, and had a significant performance in his senior year.

Since there is only one class focused specifically on playwriting, Carroll is currently working on an independent honors project in playwriting. Many of his plays have been performed, the most recent being last week's "God Costume" in Brodie's Robert Sinclair Theatre.

Carroll said his favorite play that he has written is "Everybody Dies on the 72nd Floor." Carroll is currently petitioning VegSOUP to have his play "The Pardon" performed.

"It would be my first funded show here," he said. "But I can't divulge much about it since it's still in progress."

Geneseo is not the only place where Carroll has gained recognition for his plays. "The Weather Plays," written by Carroll and performed here last fall, were featured in readings at a national theatre conference. He has also had works staged in New York City as part of a Horror festival.

"This is the first year that my playwriting has really branched out of Geneseo, which is exciting," said Carroll.

Carroll is in the process of applying to graduate schools for a master's degree in fine arts.

"Writing is what I plan to do professionally, but I always plan on performing as well," he said. He described his passion for playwriting and the enjoyment that he gets from it, saying that he likes the process of getting his plays off the ground with others.

"It's a ball to have written something and to put it on with people," he said.

In his sophomore year Carroll founded The Literature, a playwright group on campus. He said that the group helps playwrights experiment, share and promote new ideas, and take full advantage of the resources available to bring their work to life.

"We do a lot often to the chagrin of the faculty and staff," he said with a laugh. "Sometimes we overstep boundaries, but I think that deep down they really appreciate us for everything that we do."

Carroll is an integral part of Brodie culture. He noted that his involvement in the performing arts has provided him with plenty of opportunities.

"The great thing about the department at Geneseo is that you have so much freedom," he said. "If you have a group of friends with an idea you can put something together and have it performed."

With his vivacious and animated personality, Carroll brings his plays and the performing arts at Geneseo to life.