Obama victory sparks celebration

Geneseo students once again demonstrated their uncanny ability to express their right to assembly late last night after Barack Obama was announced president elect.

Around midnight, a crowd of energized students made their way through the college to rally in support of Obama. Some of the first students to coalesce walked from Center Street to Southside, from which they made the trek across campus. As the group passed residential buildings, students joined or voiced their support from the windows.

"At first, I was a little uncertain and upset that people would unite over a power outage but not the election," said Senior Joe Martin, one of the group leaders who banged on a pan in unison with cheers of "O-B-A-M-A" and "Yes We Can." "This seems like a more important cause," said Martin. "It's just good to see everybody happy about this."

Freshman Jessica Pasik agreed. "I think that it's so amazing and refreshing to see so many young people excited about the election."

The throng of students picked up its largest number of supporters upon returning to Southside. Among the rejoicers were students with Obama apparel and signs. Junior Michelle Scott even carried a megaphone through which she pronounced her advocacy.

"It's about time students at this school got excited about the election," Scott said. "I'm excited Barack won - he speaks for college students."

Sophomore Alex Wheeler, an Obama enthusiast dressed in red, white and blue, went so far as to assume the role of the president elect and gave the first of three speeches behind Red Jacket Dining Hall.

Wheeler reminded students that the journey had just begun and later said, "At this point, it just all seems unreal … I've never been so happy to be an American. This is how proud I should always be."

"I am now a believer in the United States of America," added junior Zack Ziskin.

After stirring up Southside, the group made its way to the College Green, where students gathered in front of the Integrated Science Center. The crowd dispersed as the night progressed from there, but die-hards made another loop around Northside and up to Main Street, where they were met with cheers from bystanders.

University Police cars stationed themselves nearby the mob at all times, but no authority figure approached the students. UP was unavailable for comment.

All students involved were enthusiastic about the gathering.

"It was amazing," said senior Will Sankey, one of the original group members.

Senior Liz Hayes also expressed the opinion of many. "It was frickin' awesome - the coolest thing ever."

Co-president of the Black Student Union Candace Walton said that all of the organization's e-board joined the rally to promote and celebrate change. "Obama talked specifically about college students," she said. "We are all out here and ecstatic that he won. For the last two elections, the weather has been dreary, but today the sun was shining."

Among Wheeler's last words to the assemblage was the mantra of the night: "Take this momentum, take this passion, and carry it with you!"