Juried exhibit features award-winning art

The artistic creations from some of Geneseo's most gifted students are currently on display in the Bridge Gallery of Brodie Hall, as part of the 2008 Student Art Association's "Annual Fall Juried Exhibit."

Lining the walls of the gallery are works done in a variety of media from metals to watercolors, each reflecting the individual interests and inspirations of their respective creators.

A particularly eye-catching example of the projects on display is junior Rachel Svenson's untitled drawing in watercolor and charcoal of a nude woman lying on a bed. Svenson does an excellent job contrasting the pale sunlight filtering into the room with the dark shadows cast by the woman's body.

"What inspired me was getting a really amazing photograph," said Svenson. "When you get a good reference, all that's left is what you make of it."

Junior Alanna Klose's wood sculpture, "Tangled," is undeniably striking and speaks to the variety of media present in the Juried Exhibit. Her creation features several long, wavy strands of wood stained either dark, light or cherry with occasional cherry-stained wooden orbs placed among the strands. The contrasting colors and shapes of "Tangled" create a blended effect.

Also among the student works are the first, second and third place winners of the Juried show, each of which stand out for their detail and craftsmanship.

Third place went to senior Meredith Cannella's charcoal drawing entitled "Welles Hall." The piece is a black and white nighttime depiction of an engraving and a lamp near the main entrance of Welles. It is an almost macabre take on a normally inviting building that uses high contrast between light and shadow to create an eerie effect.

Senior Joe Martin's untitled steel sculpture claimed second place. Martin used a masterful intertwining of dark grey steel rods twisted around each other. "I decided to create a piece based on the seemingly random changes of direction that the braided steel would take," he said. Martin's work suggests an impressive degree of effort and skill that makes his piece well-deserving to be among the top three.

Junior Jai Kamat was awarded first place for his large self-portrait in graphite. The drawing features a headshot of Kamat in glasses and a leather jacket. It is highly textured and the sharp contrasts between light and dark create an intense, almost surreal, effect for the viewer.

The Juried Art Exhibit in the Bridge Gallery is an excellent opportunity for art students and non-majors alike to become familiar with the abilities and passion of some of Brodie's most successful artists. The Bridge Gallery is accessible during campus hours.