Kaleidoscope gives light to Geneseo talents

Didn't catch the Kaleidoscope concert on Friday night? Hosted by the School of the Arts, this high quality show featured virtually all of Geneseo's performing artists and ensembles, drawing from the talent of students and faculty alike.

From the beginning, Kaleidoscope proved to be entertaining, as James Walker, director of instrumental activities, introduced the show by stating, "In light of the election season, I would like to announce that I'm James Walker, and I approved this concert."

As Walker exited the stage, Wadsworth Auditorium became engulfed in the beautiful flute melodies of Claude Debussy's "Syrinx," performed by adjunct faculty member Glennda Pellito.

Soon after, talents from Geneseo's Musical Theatre Club came together in the cast of "Threepenny Opera," taking the stage to sing the finale of Act II. Their performance included the all-too-familiar concept of what it takes to survive. Seniors Daniel Welser Carroll and Sarah Rychlik led the group as they sang, "It's selfishness that keeps a man alive."

Another crowd favorite was the Geneseo String Band's rousing performance of Four Presidential Campaign Tunes. This ensemble combined musicians playing all types of string instruments, from the traditional violins and violas to the more unfamiliar banjos and ukuleles. As the upbeat and cheerful music continued, the crowd became increasingly excited, clapping along with the beats.

At the end of the show, one particularly humorous performance stood out from the rest. Tom Greenfield, English professor, music lecturer and former dean of the college, sang "The Starbucks Song," about the popular coffee shop.

He prefaced his performance by saying, "All of us here at Geneseo will remember exactly where we were the day we heard that the Geneseo Starbucks was closing. But we're not here to mourn." As he played the guitar and sang about what makes Starbucks special, he had the audience members join him as they sang, "Starbucks, Starbucks. Hot as a steamer to go."

The show's finale featured the Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Singers, and Carol Choristers, as they played and sang the "Hallelujah Chorus" from "Messiah." The magnificent piece was the culmination of the event and it spoke to the days, hours, and weeks spent rehearsing to produce such a collaborative success.

Kaleidoscope was a remarkable show that showcased the talents of many highly gifted musicians on campus.