Invasion of Privacy: GUS Manager brings experience and personality to on-campus eateries

For over two years, Scott Ziobrowski, manager of the Geneseo University Store, Books and Bytes and the Grind, has been keeping campus food outlets running smoothly.

His enthusiasm and happy disposition make visiting the Union or library for food a pleasant experience for students.

Ziobrowski, a native of Rochester, said that he has always had an interest in working where he is today. "My mom worked at RIT," he said. "So I have always been interested in working with students at a university."

After graduating from RIT with a degree in international marketing, Ziobrowski spent some time as owner of his own restaurant and catering business. He has been in the food service business for 20 years.

"I've had a very busy life," he said, noting that much of his life involves his work, and that running a restaurant kept him very busy. After seeing an advertisement for a position at Geneseo he sent in his resume and can now be seen on a daily basis around campus.

"I'm in Books and Bytes sometimes, but I spend most of my time here in the Union," he said.

Ziobrowski keeps busy with all of his responsibilities. He does his own hiring and scheduling in addition to making sure that business as usual continues without difficulty.

"I'm responsible for the creation and overseeing of the menu, catering events, ordering supplies and keeping track of unit-specific items," he said. Working 50 to 60 hours a week means that he spends a lot of time working, but Ziobrowski says that he likes his job. "My favorite thing about working here is my relationship with the students," he said.

Outside of his job, Ziobrowski leads a well-rounded life. He lives in Rochester and has two daughters, ages 12 and 2, as well as a Saint Bernard. He also enjoys music, collecting wine and cooking. He said that his favorite foods to cook are shrimp scampi and veal French.

Another of Ziobrowski's interests is hockey. "I'm and avid hockey fan and I really enjoy playing it," he said. He also enjoys traveling and has been abroad many times to places including France, Nova Scotia and British Columbia.

"I'm looking at buying some land up in Canada," he said. "I'm a big fan of Canada - don't ask me why," he said with a laugh.

Ziobrowski has become a fixture in the Union since he began working there. With his good-natured attitude, friendliness and multi-faceted interests, he makes grabbing a bite to eat on campus all the more appetizing.