Geneseo improv show exceeds expectations

On Friday Oct. 24, Wadsworth Auditorium was crammed with students anticipating Geneseo's favorite improvisational group's first performance of the year.

No Laugh Track Required combined the classic games of "Whose Line is it Anyway?" with some original improv skits that consistently drew laughter from the audience.

The theme for the show was rooted in the impending elections. The performance opened with fifth-year student Nick Ponterio introducing each member of the troupe as a candidate, while "Hail to the Chief" played in the background. The group reminded audience members of important current issues, within the context of amusing entertainment.

No Laugh Track fueled the show by capitalizing on the creative powers of Geneseo students. The first skit forced the comic candidates to try and say the phrase "sweater vest running" as the improv group struggled to understand the charades of the other silent members.

"The Bachelorette Dating Game" was another memorable part of the show. Fifth-year student Gavin Price used his impressive girlish charm to keep the audience in giggles as he questioned the likes of a Soviet Union stamp collector, a Canadian moose and the man with the world's longest fingernails.

Juniors Sean Miller and Jen Thorpe gave impressive performances throughout the entire show. "They got even funnier than last year," commented sophomore Colleen Grodotzke.

In one skit that involved the performers creating characters for a preceding member of the group, Miller became an aggressively narcissistic businessman planning to revamp Disney Land and Thorpe became the floating head of Walt Disney, which was later used by Miller as a hand puppet.

In another skit, the popular "Irish Drinking Song," members took a topic suggestion from the audience and proceeded to make up lyrics to the song one line at a time. NLTR begged the audience to participate in the chorus of the pub tune, only to be met with more bouts of laughter.

The last skit, which brought alumni to the stage, combined audience suggestions with the regular NLTR hilarity. The crew came up with great responses to "things not to do in an elevator" and "what not to say when meeting your significant other's parents."

NLTR's first performance of the year was entertaining and left the audience wanting more. "I can't wait to see them again," raved freshman David Myers. For more information about NLTR and their upcoming events visit