Restaurant Review: Club 41 a tasty alternative to campus fare

When it comes to dinner, are you tired of the same-old on campus? I know I was.

When parents' weekend rolled around and my mom was here to feed me whatever real food my heart desired, I asked if we could check out Club 41. I'd already hit up all of the other restaurants on Main Street at one point or another and it seemed like a great time to try something new.

As we stepped inside, granting a request posted not to slam the door, we were warmed not only by the lack of frigid wind from outside, but the cozy ambiance that the restaurant exuded.

The restaurant is a little place, so even the smallest crowd can mean a busy night, but there still always seems to be room for one more at Club 41. We seated ourselves at a comfy booth and were off to a great start with an appetizer sampler. It combined the best of classic appetizers that no college student could resist.

As I munched and perused the menu, I noticed that almost everything there seemed to be made with students in mind, from the set-up of the restaurant to the selection of sandwiches -- even the prices. Luckily, I did not need to heed my budget that night, since Mom would be picking up the tab, so I ordered a steak. I don't know about anyone else, but I've been feeling a little iron deficient since I've been here, and some red meat was in order.

I was also impressed by Club 41's service. Staffed primarily by Geneseo students, you're almost always guaranteed to run into one of your peers. Leave a good tip, because they deserve it.

If you are interested in a new bar to frequent because the others around town are getting a little bit too crowded, Club 41 offers a smaller, less hectic place for the 21 and over crowd to hang out with friends and drink a few beers watching the game.

Whatever you're looking for, whether dinner or a drink, the restaurant Club 41 is highly recommended.