CAS chef accepted into prestigious program

The Culinary Enrichment and Innovation Program at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde, N.Y. recently selected Campus Auxiliary Services Chef Jonna Anne to be part of their inaugural class.

According to the CEIP Web site, the program is offered to, "the industry's most promising, dedicated and skilled professionals whose passion drives them to higher levels of expertise." Over the next 18 months, Anne will attend classes at the institute with 15 other chefs.

In a Sept. 18 press release, Dennis Goettsch of Hormel Foods, a company involved with the program's creation said, "The goal of the CEIP is to deliver a learning experience that will move these chefs to the next level in their careers by strengthening their leadership abilities and urging them to embrace innovation in the culinary arts."

Anne will be the first CAS employee to partake in this experience. Executive Director Mark Scott stressed the importance of the CEIP program as he and his staff are, "methodically reviewing CAS as a whole." Scott said that Anne will come away from the program with a great understanding of the latest food trends.

In addition culinary innovation, the program also focuses on leadership in the culinary field. According to Scott, in order to improve CAS, the system must rely on quality leaders to help bring about the necessary changes.

Scott said that Anne is one of those leaders, and that he is eager to work with her after she returns.